Athletes reaching the recommended nutrition intake reduced their risk of injury by 64% compared to those that did not meet the recommended nutrition intake. This shows that for athletes to stay healthy and injury-free, a proper diet with adequate nutritional content is crucial. 1


Athletes who got an adequate amount of sleep—more than 8 hours during weekdays—reduced their risk of injury by 61%. 1

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Stretching is an important part of exercise and provides several benefits for athletes. When included prior to physical activity, it increases range of motion and decreases muscle stiffness. 2

Rest Days

Taking regular breaks allows your body to recover and repair. It’s a critical part of progress, regardless of your fitness level or sport. Otherwise, skipping rest days can lead to overtraining or burnout. 3


As an athlete trains or competes, fluid is lost through the skin through sweat and through the lungs while breathing. If this fluid is not replaced at regular intervals during practice or competition, it can lead to dehydration. 4


Having a post-workout massage will help reduce athletic injuries as it massages the deep tissue, improving your flexibility, and reducing your risk for injuries. 5

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